Color Doppler Scan

Best color Doppler scan center in Bangalore

Color Doppler Test or Color Doppler ultrasound is a new-age medical imaging technique that is used to see what is happening inside the body clearly. The technique uses an ultrasound machine in order to provide a complete visualization of the blood flow inside the body. The procedure is an outpatient one and is not invasive in nature and so it does not result in any painful procedures or any sedatives.

The Underlying Technique of the Doppler Color Test

NEO Fertility Treatment is one of the few centers that indulges in a color doppler test in Bangalore and so is highly trusted for its procedure and evaluation. The center is frequented by a number of patients for trusted and reliable services. The Doppler Ultrasound test uses the Doppler Effect in order to create a moving image of the underlying organs and tissues of the body. The technique involves the usage of an ultrasound transducer to beam the sound in the area of interest or inspection and then it reads the sound returned from that part. The ultrasound transducer used can easily detect the subtle pitch changes and record them visually by creating an image showing the region and direction from which the blood is flowing.

The Benefits of Using a Color Doppler Ultrasound

The ultrasound technique is used to diagnose a number of underlying medical conditions such as the following:

  1.   It can detect any fine blood clot or blocked or narrowed blood vessels in any part of the body be it, neck, arms, and legs.
  2.   Detect the condition of atherosclerosis of the lower extremities that causes leg pain due to intermittent claudication.
  3.   Evaluate the blood flow conditions and direction after a stroke or any other such ailment.
  4.   Evaluate conditions of varicose veins and abnormal veins.
Color Doppler Scan Test by High-Quality Machines 

We use advanced and modern machines for color Doppler scan in Bangalore and it’s expert guidance and evaluation will truly amaze you. The proficient doctors and practitioners make you feel comfortable at their center and evaluating your technique in an easy manner. The color Doppler test is offered at an affordable price to the patients aiding in their overall treatment and well being.